Stanford University Graduate School of Business (1976)

           (Certificate of Completion of the Executive Program for Smaller Companies)

Michigan State University (1971)

           (Ph.D. in Hearing and Speech Sciences)

University of Wisconsin - Madison (1965)

           (M.S. in Audiology and Speech Pathology)

Fort Hays State University (1963)

           (A.B. in Speech with emphasis in disorders of hearing and speech)



President (1989 - Current)

           Dr. Wayne J. Staab and Associates

           Hearing Health Care Research, Publishing, Testing Service, Marketing, Educational and Consulting Company.

Non Executive Director (2002 - 2006)

           Lavis Medical Systems, Devon, England.

Adjunct Faculty (2001 - Present)

           Arizona School of Health Sciences

Adjunct Professor (2000 - Present)

           Arizona State University

Executive Director (1994 to current)

           American Auditory Society

The only professional interdisciplinary organization for members interested in the areas of hearing and balance.  Worldwide membership, but mostly from the United States.

Associate (1996 - 2001) 

           Southwestern Engineering and Manufacturing

           Partnership in association with engineers to provide engineering and manufacturing of hearing health care products.

Educational Instructor, Lecturer, Seminar Leader (1964 - Current)

           In excess of three hundred invited requests to provide continuing education to hearing health care professionals in local, state, national, and international settings.

Vice President, Professional Services and Sales (1989)

           Audiotone, A Division of Dahlberg, Inc., Phoenix, AZ.

           Developed and managed marketing and sales programs for hearing instrument product line.  Managed international marketing and sales program. 

Corporate Vice President, Professional Services (1987-1989)

           Dahlberg, Inc., Minneapolis, MN.

           Technical spokesperson for the Corporation, with additional responsibilities for Corporate communications and coordination pertaining to product development and the training requirements resulting for each of Dahlbergs marketing systems; Miracle-Ear, Sears Retail Stores Division, International, and Audiotone.  Spearheaded the nationwide introduction of the programmable hearing aid, continued development on the digital hearing aid, with engineering helped develop a new type of signal processing hearing aid, and supervised the changeover of an entire product line to new circuitry, cosmetics, etc. 

Vice President, Marketing (1977-1987)

           Audiotone, A Division of Lear Siegler, Inc., Phoenix, AZ.

      Controlled the marketing and sales efforts of the company.

      Coordinated audiological, marketing, and sales input into the development of hearing and speech products.

      Liaison officer with University and other research facilities on product-related performance studies.

      Directed customer (client, employee, and business) communications.

      Responsible for the performance of the outside sales force.

      Wrote all submissions for government service and product contracts.

      Managed international sales.

      Controlled the writing of the Division long-range plans for Corporate.

      Maintained customer contacts.

      Organized, managed, and taught in excess of one hundred training and educational seminars (in and out of Phoenix) for audiologists, otolaryngologists, dispensers, and teachers of the deaf.

      Developed the themes and planned trade and professional exhibits.

      Directed the Advertising Department.

      Generated the copy and ideas for advertising and/or promotional materials.

      Initiated and wrote all technical articles for professional and trade publications.

      Acted as the public relations/technical spokesperson at local, state, and national meetings.

      Noted programs and/or products that were developed during this time and in which Dr. Staab was directly involved included:

o    The TALK-TONE portable telephone communication device for speech and hearing impaired persons.

o    A series of marketing programs developed in conjunction with the American Management Association.

o    Development and writing of the Audiotone Technical Reports series which was made available to audiologists and dispensers nationally.

o    Assisted in setting up a joint venture East Coast, and a Malaysian manufacturing facility.

o    Helped develop and introduce the first wearable, true digital hearing aid.

o    Expanded the utilization and scope of tinnitus maskers and tinnitus combination units in conjunction with the American Tinnitus Association.

Director of Education (1972-1977)

           Telex Communications, Inc., Minneapolis, MN.

           Developed educational and product-related materials to an international network of small business retail offices selling assistive listening devices, audiometers, auditory trainers, and hearing aids.  Spearheaded the involvement of audiologists into hearing aid dispensing.  Helped develop the Telex FM Auditory Training Systems and the first Radio CROS hearing instruments.  Presented product suggestions and assisted in problem solving.  Traveled internationally to investigate new markets and to solidify business relationships.  Developed and wrote the Telex Audiological Reports series.


University/College Faculty/Related Involvement


           Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ (1999 to current)

           Adjunct Professor


           Arizona School of Health Science, Mesa, AZ (2001 to current)

           Adjunct Faculty


           The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (1998)

           Guest lecturer on deep canal hearing aid fittings.

           University Graduate Forum The aspects of setting up a business.


           Utah State University, Logan, UT (1980)

           Invited faculty for a special two-week summer school program in aural rehabilitation.


           Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Minneapolis, MN (1975)

           Instructor for course offerings leading to an Associate Degree in Hearing Instrument Technology.


           Alberta College, Edmonton, Alberta (1974)

           Invited faculty for special course offerings related to hearing/hearing rehabilitation during a two-year period.


           University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire (1971-1972)

           Assistant Professor of Audiology, Department of Speech.  Taught courses in Basic Audiology, Speech Audiometry and Hearing Aids, Auditory Training, Seminars in Hearing, Advanced Audiology, and The Effects of Noise on Man.  Supervised clinical hearing program.  Graduate faculty member.


           Michigan State University (1969-1971)

           Instructor in Audiology, College of Communication (1970-1971).  Taught Introduction to Audiology, Pediatric Audiology, Clinical Audiology, and supervised the hearing clinic program at the University Clinic (including an adult hearing rehabilitation program), and also at Edward Sparrow Hospital.  Participated in the neonatal hearing screening program at Sparrow Hospital.

           Research Assistant, College of Communication (1969-1970).


           University of North Dakota (1964-1968)

           Assistant Professor of Audiology, Department of Speech.  Taught Introduction to Audiology, Aural Rehabilitation, Voice Science, Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism, Seminars in Audiology, and Advanced Audiology.  Graduate faculty member.  Set up new clinical audiology program and tested patients.


           University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (1967)

           Invited visiting lecturer (summer school program).  Taught course in hearing rehabilitation to teachers of the deaf.


           University of Wisconsin - Madison (1964-1965)

           Graduate Teaching Assistant in Audiology, Department of Speech.  Supervised practicum for Basic Audiology course.


           Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS (1961-62)

           Campus Radio Station Student Engineer.


           Management Training/Seminars

           Marketing Seminar For Hearing Aid Dispensers, American Management Assoc. - 1984.

           Honorary Degree in Financial Management, Lear Siegler, Inc. - 1978.

           Rio Salado Maricopa Community College, Course in Supervisory Development I - 1978.



      Distinguished lecturer at the Wayne State University Department of Audiology, School of Medicine Annual Audiology Symposium, Detroit, Michigan.  Annual, invited honor.  Spoke on New Developments in Hearing Aid Technology, October, 1993.

      Keynote Speaker, International Collegium of Rehabilitative Audiology, Walkalla Springs, FL, Tallahassee, FL.  Spoke on Comparison of Programmable and Digital Approaches to Hearing Aid Development, March, 1989.

      Editor, Bulletin of the American Auditory Society - 1990 to date

      Fellow, International Collegium on Rehabilitative Audiology - 1989 to date

o       By invitation only to select major contributors to the discipline of hearing rehabilitation.

      President, American Auditory Society - 1987 to 1990

o       Interdisciplinary organization for all hearing health care professionals worldwide.

      Arkansas Travelers Award from the Governors Office of Arkansas - 1988

      Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society - 1986

o       By election of the Chapter at Fort Hays State University

      University Alumni Achievement Award - 1986

o       Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas The Universitys highest honor for alumni

      Award of Commendation, International Hearing Aid Seminar - 1983

o       In recognition of his continuing efforts to improve the quality of life for the hearing impaired.

      Certificate of Appreciation, Society of Medical Audiology - 1979

      Certificate of Commendation, Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Minneapolis, MN - 1977

o       For: ...outstanding achievement in his leadership role in establishment of the first Associate Degree Program in Hearing Instrument Technology in North America.              

      Outstanding Achievement in Industry Research for the United States Senate - 1974-1975, Specifically for Senator Percys Committee on Investigations.  Presented by the Hearing Industries Association (HIA), national association of manufacturers and suppliers of hearing health-related products.

      Certificate of Appreciation, International Hearing Aid Seminar - 1978, 1980

o       For ...Sincerest appreciation for academic contributions and scholarly presentations as a faculty member.

      Faculty Research Grant, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire  - 1972 University grant to conduct a three-week Noise and Man Workshop, with L. Sahlstrom.

      Faculty Research Grant, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire - 1972 Faculty grant to study Bone-Conducted Speech Audiometry.

      Distinguished Service Certificate From the State of North Dakota - 1968

o       From Governor of North Dakota, for: ...untiring effort, enthusiasm, knowledge, and time voluntarily given to Statewide Planning for Comprehensive Vocational Rehabilitation Services to bring needed services to all handicapped citizens in North Dakota.

      University Teaching Recognition

o       University of North Dakota                                            - Upper 5% of teaching faculty - 1968

o       Michigan State University                                                            - Upper 5% of teaching faculty - 1971

o       University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire                                             - Upper 5% of teaching faculty - 1972

      Rehabilitation Service Association Grant (Michigan State University) - 1968 to 1971

      Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Grant (University of Wisconsin) - 1964

      National Institute of Dental Research Fellow in Cleft Palate (University of Wisconsin) 1963.

      Sigma Alpha Eta (Honorary Speech and Hearing Society) 1962.

      West Point Recommendation (from Military High School) 1959.




      National Institutes of Health, Department of Health & Human Services 1985.

o       Special Study Section Group to review Small Business Innovation Research Grant Applications ($50,000 to $500,000), Washington, D.C.

      Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - 1976

o       Expert testimony to FTC relative to the Status of the Hearing Aid Industry.  Represented the Hearing Industries Association.  Chicago and Washington, D.C.

      Department of Health, Education, and Welfare - 1974

o       Panel on the Review of Ear, Nose, and Throat Devices, Food and Drug Administration, Washington, D.C.  Presented testimony relative to the safety of hearing aids.

      Senate Testimony on Hearing Aid Dispenser Licensing - 1973 Representing the position of industry, State of Minnesota.

      House Testimony on Hearing Aid Dispenser Licensing - 1973 Representing the position of industry, State of Minnesota.

      Statewide Planning for Comprehensive Vocational Rehabilitation Services, North Dakota - 1968

      Governors Cable Television Task Force, State of Wisconsin - 1972 Provided testimony on the use of cable television for the hearing impaired.



      Towards 2000 Marketing Workshops.  Eighteen major marketing workshops developed and presented in 1995 and 1996 throughout the United States with Susan Jelonek.  Co-sponsors included Hearing Instruments Magazine, The Hearing Review, Duracell Battery Co., and Eveready Battery Co.

      Various legal testimony as an expert witness relative to hearing loss and hearing aid related issues.  On-going.

      Market Development Committee of the Hearing Industries Association - 1979-1986

o       Charter member, recommended by manufacturers, to design and direct U.S. industry activities, visibility, and promotion.

o       Committee Chair and Consultant to the development, design, and writing to The Marketing Edge - 1987.  Marketing Newsletter to all industry and professional hearing health care personnel in the U.S. and Canada.

      Hearing Check Program 1986.

o       The development of a telephone hearing screening test to be administered nationally.

o       In conjunction with the Hearing Industries Association Market Development Committee.

      American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) - 1985

o       Assisted in the development and publishing of a tape/slide program on Hearing for distribution and use by the AARP and the Hearing Industries Association and the Market Development Committee.

      National Survey of the Hearing Impaired - 1984

o       The most extensive survey at the time of the attitudes, intents, demographics, etc., of the hearing impaired.  Initiated and completed during my tenure and with my recommendations as an involved member of the Market Development Committee of the Hearing Industries Association, in conjunction with National Family Opinion Poll.

      Gallup Poll of the Hearing Aid Industry - 1980

o       Helped organize, write, and distribute the results of this survey commissioned by the Market Development Committee of the Hearing Industries Association.

      Hearing Instrument Technology Advisory Committee - 1975-1977 Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Minneapolis, MN

      Noise and Man Workshop 1972.

o       Organized and managed this three week workshop held at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, WI with Dr. L. Sahlstrom.

      Northwest Wisconsin Hearing Aid Workshop 1972.

o       Organized with Dr. L. Sahlstrom at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. 



      American Auditory Society - Since 1973

o       President - 1987-1990

o       Executive Director - 1994 - ongoing

o       Charter member - 1973

o       Committee to Revise Statutes - 1977

o       Executive Committee - 1984- to date

o       Chair - Long Range Planning Committee - 1988-1989.  Task completed; committee ended

o       Chair - Publications Committee - 1989 to date

o       Editor - Bulletin of the American Auditory Society - 1989 to date

o       Member - Program Committee

      American Academy of Audiology - Since 1994

o       Fellow

      American Speech, Language, Hearing Association - Since 1963

o       Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology

      Arizona Department of Health Services - Hearing Aid Dispenser License 1990 - 2005

      Utah Department of Health - Audiology Dispenser License - Since 2002

      International Collegium on Rehabilitative Audiology - 1989 to date

o       Fellow

      Hearing Industries Association - 1972 to 1990

o       Chair, Dispenser Subcommittee - 1986-1984.  Project completed.

o       Market Development Planning Committee member - 1979-1984.  Project completed.

o       Listener Performance Standards Committee member - 1977.  Project completed.

o       Educational Committee of Hearing Aid Industry Conference (HAIC) - 1974-1975.  Project completed.

o       Joint Educational Committee of HAIC/NHAS - 1974-1975.  Project completed.

      Registered Tinnitus Clinic Trainee, American Tinnitus Association - 1979

      Hearing Aid Foundation - 1972, Charter member

      Academy of Dispensing Audiologists - 1978 -

      Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology - 1977 -

      Acoustical Society of America - 1971 -

      State Speech and Hearing Associations (when residing in those States)

o       North Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota. 

o       Served in numerous capacities ranging from Journal Editor, Program Chair, Officer, etc.



      Philips, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  Health and Wellness Group.  2004-2005.

      Clarity, A Division of Plantronics, Chattanooga, TN.  Ongoing since 1999.

      Philips Medical Division, Andover, MA.  Vital Signs Monitoring. Ongoing since 2002.

      SeboTek.  Development of the PAC (post-auricular canal) hearing aid. 2003 - continuing.

      Songbird Medical Inc., Cranbury, NJ.  Worlds first disposable hearing aid.  1999 - 2002.

o       Development and design. 

o       Member of Medical Advisory Board.

      Sarnoff Research Institute, Princeton, NJ.  One of the worlds 4 largest technology think tanks.  Helped design the worlds first disposable hearing aid.  Development of various products for the hearing impaired.  1997 - 2004.

      Eveready Battery Company, St. Louis, MO.  Hearing aids and battery issues.  Ongoing.

      Hearing Innovations, Tucson, Arizona.  Consultant to innovative technologies being developed for the hearing health care field; including ultra high frequency bone-conduction, true digital hearing aids.  1998 2001.

      Cochlear Corp., Cochlear implants and future direction for cochlear, Englewood, CO., 1989.

      Finetone Hearing Instruments, Evaluation of manufacturing operation, Portland, ME, 1989-90.

      Ensoniq Inc., Evaluation of digitally-programmable 13-band graphic equalizer hearing aid and evaluation test procedure, Malvern, PA.,  1989-90.

      Unitron Industries, Ltd., Educational programs and product development,  Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.   1993 1995.

      Rexton, a division of Siemens of Germany.  Educational training programs and the introduction of the concept of deep canal hearing aid fittings.

      Knowles Electronics of Itasca, Illinois.  Educational and consulting program to the engineering staff of the worlds largest producer of miniature electronic transducers for hearing aids.  1989.

      Philips, The Netherlands.  Directed the introduction of a new entirely-within-the-canal hearing instrument into the United States through various medical facilities and university research facilities.  Wrote marketing and sales brochures and advised on product.  1991 to 1999.  This product was the initiative of the CIC product internationally.

      Philips; Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, France, Germany.  Periodic since 1992.  Helped introduce CIC, programmable, and digital hearing aids.

      Philips, USA  Directed the introduction of the XP Peritympanic hearing instrument into the U.S. market and conducted certification programs.  1991 to 1999.

      Minnesota Department of Health.  Contract consultant services and professional and technical services in connection with the operation of a registration system for hearing aid personnel registration, 1992, 1993, 1994.

      Etymotic Research, Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL.  Marketing, product directions, and assembly of products.

      Hearing Aid Supplies and Services, Pretoria, South Africa.  Marketing, product directions, and education of distribution system.  Periodic.

      Lavis Medical Systems, Devon, United Kingdom.  Marketing and product directions.  2001 2006.

o       Non-Executive Board Member

      Widex, Copenhagen, Denmark.  Digital CIC development, 1996.

      Danavox, Copenhagen, Denmark.  CIC development, 1995-96.